It’s About Time


Product Description

Most “Time Management” books try to change you; insisting and coercing us to be more “organized” about the rather capricious and whimsical demands of time.

“It’s About Time” will do just the opposite. You will learn how to master time better by being more of who you are, not less. You will discover the four major time-mastery strategies and scores of tips, tools and techniques that will help the more random, spontaneous and procrastinating person better master their use of time.

In “It’s About Time”, you will also learn:

1. The four steps we must know to master our use of time

2. How and when to eliminate a task

3. How and when to automate a task

4. How and when to delegate a task

5. How and when to celebrate a task

6. Forty five extraordinary tools, tips and techniques to make better use of your time

7. The 26 best websites that you can use or automate to make better use of your time.

8. Why you should never multi-task

9. How to use technology to master your time

10. The seven best ways to say “No” without having to say “No”

11. Twelve ways to use the 80/20 rule with people

12. Get rid of time-wasters and interruptions

13. The five (unseen to the naked eye) principle factors that determine how people view, are affected by, relate to and use time and what to do about them




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