Naked is The Salesperson Who Has No “Close”


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The complex organizational sale is a daunting, difficult and tricky business. It requires individual and organizational artistry of the highest order. Nonetheless, I have had clients who have used the principles for “Perceptual” selling that you will find in this book, to increase their sales by as much as three hundred percent in six months and up to fourteen hundred percent over the course of several years.

Naked is the Salesperson who has no “Close” is based on my 25 years of experience training high-level sales representatives in personal coaching sessions as well as group workshops. Its’ thesis is that the complex organizational sale has such a lengthy sales cycle, is fraught with so many confounding variables and wildly fluctuating emotions that only sales reps who are completely “organized” will win the day.

By being “organized”, I mean knowing the two sales processes that are ever-present in the sales cycle; the macro/strategic process which has three steps and the micro/tactical process which has six steps. In other words, we must know the precise stage (in both processes. the macro and micro) that we are at in the sales cycle as well as the facilitative, even elegant response required of us in that moment by both overlapping processes. Being “organized” also means understanding thoroughly the “Ten Laws for Selling Excellence”; why they exist, how they work and when we should use them.

In Naked is the Salesperson who has no “Close”, you will also learn:

1. The three strategic steps in every sale: when and how do you use them?

2. The six tactical steps in every sale: When and how do you use them?

3. How to get repeat sales and enthusiastic referrals

4. The twelve core concepts of perceptual selling

5. The ten laws for selling excellence

6. The number one rule in sales

7. Three strategies for getting to the purchasing buyer

8. Five steps to reduce a customer’s fear of losing (because of price)

9. The eleven core concepts in price negotiations

10. How to make sure you are write confirmations, not proposals



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