Execute Your Communication Skills or they Will Die


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Think of a rather difficult person you work with; a boss, a colleague, or a co-worker. You need their buy-in but they have resisted (sometimes covertly; sometimes overtly) your every effort.

“Execute your Communication Skills or they will Die” will help you turn that situation upside down. Its’ purpose is to show you, with even the most intransigently difficult person, how to:

1. Elevate the conversation (makes it a shared adult to adult collaboration)
2. Advance the relationship (change their reaction from negative to positive)
3. Create a transcendent resolution; one that has the best of what you think, the best of what they think, but a solution that is even better.

The hallmark of all great managers is the exquisite and facilitative use of language. They understand that language determines the conversation, the conversation determines the relationship and that the relationship determines the outcome.

This book is the culmination of my personal 50 year quest to fathom the depths of human interaction (yes, I am now 70 years old), my 30 years working as the CEO Coach with hundreds of executives and CEOs, thousands of corporate workshops on communication and my doctoral research exploring the best way to shape a company’s relational culture and sustain optimum organizational performance.

In “Execute your Communication Skills or they will Die”, you will learn:

1. What is communication and how important is it really?

2. Why is communication so difficult and what you can do about it

3. The four stages of communication; when and how to best make use of them

4. The most powerful communication technique of all, the law of reciprocity

5. Why and how to facilitate people’s individual temperaments

6. The seven golden facilitative questions and why the answer is always in the

7. How to leverage the four biological preferences in the other person’s brain to your mutual advantage

8. How to speak to all sixteen individual communication needs

9. The four sides of communication

10. Why relationships so often get worse instead of better


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