I Help Leaders Change Their Entire Life

Over the course of the last 40 years I have helped over 450 leaders change their lives. I am really good at helping executives weave into one the two intertwining halves of their whole life; I better be, it is the only thing I do.

Beyond that, if you do a random Google search today for “executive coach and marriage counsellor as one service”, only one name – you get one guess – will appear.

Currently it is virtually impossible to find a mentor, coach or leadership expert anywhere who specializes at one and the same time in the two natural yet symbiotic imperatives – business and marriage – of an executive’s life. One needs to be careful in saying this but it would appear that I am the only trusted advisor in the consulting/coaching business who offers executives what they really want and need, a better “life”, that is to say, the “two services, professional coaching and personal counselling, as one”. 

Said succinctly:

1. I do the one thing that CEOs most need, a better life.

2. It is the only thing I do.

3. I am the only one who does the only thing I do.

So if your objective is a better “professional” life or a better “personal” life, there are a host of specialists you can call.

If, however, you want the best of both worlds, a better “life”…

No One Else Offers the Two Services as one, Seriously?

That appears to be the case, yes. 

80% of our time will likely be spent on on your business challenges. However, on any given day, one part of our coaching conversation might be about one or the other, your business and/or your personal life. The topic simply depends on which issue is most besetting you at that point in your life. Because I have been doing this (the two sides of the street as one) for over 40 years and am so good at it, I am able to easily, deftly, adroitly and seamlessly (simultaneously) move from the one side of your life to the other (sometimes several times in a given conversation). That’s because my expertise and experience is you, your life. That’s why the impact on your whole life and thus your growth will be simultaneous, results-driven, existential, fulsome, measurable and exponential.

By the way, my marriage website is www.themarriagetherapist.ca

What About Life or Relationship Coaches

A note here about the coaching profession as a whole: There are many “life” coaches who help you “find your bliss” or “relationship” coaches trying to serve as therapists and marriage counselors. This is entirely inappropriate, illegal, unethical, and dangerous. Coaches do not need to have any professional credentials, education, training, or experience and are forbidden from practicing counseling or therapy. But many do, anyway

Fully Trained Expert Academically & Otherwise

I help high-level leaders, CEOs and the like, answer the question “What makes people do what they do and what can you do about it”. I have written 22 books (and a 600 page doctoral thesis) on this singular and salient issue. I hold a Master’s Degree (Theology) as well as a PhD in Organizational Psychology. I have helped hundreds of leaders and organizations resolve everything from team issues to turf wars, to personality conflicts; a seemingly infinite array of leadership issues.

This year (2016), one of my clients (in the residential housing industry in two major cities), improved their market share from 7% to 20% in one month. They have continued that market share dominance over the last 6 months in an area of the country that has a very depressed housing market. So, if you need some specialized one-on-one coaching or advice for a complicated people issue, or are looking for a workshop leader for your team or a powerful and entertaining speaker who will make your annual meeting an unforgettable experience, contact me.

A Masterful and Dynamic Workshop Facilitator

My 450+ satisfied clients include Honda, Nike, Symantec, Magna International, Bell Canada, the Rogers Centre, SAP Software, the Royal Bank, Northlands Park, Jayman Homes, the TD Bank and the Eaton Centre. A dynamic and articulate media personality, for three years Dr. Burge was City Pulse televisions’ organizational management expert. A compelling talk-show guest and management expert, he is interviewed regularly on radio and television stations across North America. Since 1970, Buddy has given over 6,000 presentations in North America, Europe and Africa to audiences of up to 5,000 people. Along with a thriving coaching practice, he tailors more than 100 presentations a year to his clients’ specific needs, shifting markets and changing workforce.