Measuring Value and Results


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Measuring Value and Results: The Five Steps to Ensure and Measure the ROI of any Consulting Project has been written for two groups of people:

1. Leaders who would like to know how to measure the effectiveness of a given consultant’s results.

2. Consultants who would like to know how to measure and market to clients the value they provide to them.

“Measuring…” also has two purposes:

1. It is designed to enlighten companies as to the level of measurement they might want to consider for consulting or training projects when they hire a consultant.

2. It will also help consultants offer clients a way to measure the specific results and ultimate value when they train, coach, advise or consult. This of course will help consultants to show that they did indeed exceed the projected ROI for their consulting initiative or training project.

Measuring Value and Results will show you the five levels of value for any development or training initiative. This will in turn enable both parties to agree on the level effectiveness with which you would like to adjudicate project at hand.

In Measuring Value and Results you will learn:

1. What is value: what is micro value and what is macro value?

2. The five measurement levels for any training and development project

3. Five individual assessments for the five levels of value you provide

4. What is an executive measurement team and how do you develop one?

5. How to make sure that the training was the sole cause for the improvement

6. How to convert the improvement to monetary values

7. How to calculate the ROI for any project


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