How To Exercise Influence When You Have No Authority


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Here’s the way it is. Governments are organizations but organizations are also governments. They both guide, measure, reward, constrain, compel, forbid and even punish their members.

To lead, thrive in or even survive your organization therefore, you need to understand that it is a political animal. If you are at all unschooled and disinclined at the business of “politics”, “How to Exert Influence when you have no Authority” will help you be more persuasive and powerful even though you might not have formal or positional authority. And it will help you do so without compromising or jeopardizing your dignity, values or person.

Whether you are an executive trying to re-focus a rather surly and churlish salesperson or a manager dealing with a difficult political situation or a professional working with an uncooperative, nasty co-worker, or boss, then this powerful book “How to Exert Influence when you have no Authority” will show you exactly what you need to do and then show you how to do it.

In “How to Exert Influence when you have no Authority” you will also learn:

1. The world’s most influential communication question

2. The hazardous and perilous plight of being a middle manager and what to do about it

3. The five steps to dealing with the persistent resistor

4. The seven golden facilitative questions

5. Why the answer is “always in the question”

6. Political savvy: the four main steps

7. The simplest, singular and best political strategy of all: reciprocation

8. The six step political strategy

9. How to promote cooperation

10. The politics of creating career security

If you think you need to get better at navigating the murky and turbulent, even shark-infested political waters of business life, you will love this book.


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