Ed McClelland – TEC Chair, Burlington, Ontario
The Executive Committee Ltd. – Chief Executives Working Together

 “I for many years, have been a Chair for TEC in Burlington, Ontario. TEC, The Executive Committee, is an international leadership organization with over 15000 CEO members and over 1000 groups like mine around the world. The group is composed of CEOs who pay a considerable amount (annual fee) to be a part of the group.

Of all the experts who have made a monthly presentation over the years, Buddy is an absolute favourite. Our group invites him back every year.

He has also been the guest presenter at our group retreat in Panama. He has extraordinary insight into what makes CEOs think and act as they do, and a very special gift in helping with solve their organizational, leadership and people issues. Many of my CEO members have used him for and in very sensitive and difficult company situations with great effect over the years.

My CEOs swear by the guy. He is quite simply, the best. Use him; you will get way beyond your money’s worth.”


David M. Beatty‎ – Chairman
Edgecrest Capital Corporation

 “The investment world that I work in is a very complex, challenging and sophisticated. Over the years, I have not hesitated to secure the services of top-level consultants, advisers and executive coaches.

I can tell you that Buddy is the best of the best. Period. His capacity to listen and work through the most complex personal and organizational issues is uncanny.

The other characteristic that so strongly distinguishes Buddy is his laser-like focus on getting the best answer, in other words, one that includes not only the best ideas for each party, but an overall balanced solution.

If your organizational concerns are at the point that you need serious expertise, then I absolutely recommend that you contact Buddy Burge. You will not be sorry.”


Tom Hendrikson – Chief Breakthrough Officer
Sixsense Strategy Group

  “We first secured Buddy’s help for our sales challenge in 2005. After only six months, our sales revenues tripled and since that time have increased by over 1,000 percent.

Over the years, we have sought his counsel and/or training on particularly difficult client or sales issues and his advice has been invaluable. He listens exquisitely; asks the most uncannily helpful yet penetrating questions; knows exactly what to say, when to say it and how to say it, so easily.

He is clearly the go-to guy on the complex organizational sale. Since our initial, very successful project, we have referred many of our clients to Buddy for sales development and training; and will continue to do so.

He quite simply is the best.


Peter Cullen – President
Cantwell, Cullen & Company Inc.

  “It has always been my policy to hire or partner with the best in a field. Buddy easily falls into that category. Without doubt he is a very insightful, helpful, practical, experienced and compelling consultant and adviser.

I have worked with him in several of my companies and the results well exceeded my expectations.

His ability to be empathetic and yet help you find clarity in difficult situations is extraordinary.

If you have any leadership or people concerns, call him. You will not be disappointed; he is the best.”


Jackie Strachan – General Manager
Dial One Wolfedale Electric

 “Several years ago, I was suddenly thrust into a rather difficult leadership situation. I was promoted to CEO/General Manager but there clearly were elements of the role that were new and daunting to me.

A very close friend recommended that I work with Buddy. In very short order, he showed me the three systems that companies unwittingly but consistently use to effectively run their operations and how, given the task at hand, to move effortlessly and seamlessly from one leadership role to the other.

He also showed me (this is really big with Buddy) the systemic mindset and language to use to get the outcomes my company (and I) needed and wanted.

I often refer him to other CEOs. The man is amazing.”

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