The “BRAND” New You


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The under-girding thesis in the “Brand” New You is that in business having a powerful and unique brand is job number one; everything else is number two.

Personal branding communicates who you are in a manner that helps people see you as beneficial to them. In their mind, you will create more value, be more trustworthy and more enjoyable to work with than anybody else.

Branding tells your target market:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. What makes you different?
  4. How you create value, solve a problem, and make money for them.

It also tells your target audience that with regard to their immediate and primary needs, you are different, superior and yet you are authentic.

By the way, you will either consciously craft your personal brand or everybody else will unconsciously craft it for you.

In the “Brand” New You, you will learn:

1. The three branding strategies

2. What is a personal brand; what is its foundation and how do you build it?

3. What is the difference between sales, advertising, marketing and branding?

4. How to define and choose your target market

5. How to differentiate yourself and build your brand

6. What is positioning and how do you do it?

7. What is specialization and how do you do it?

8. What are branding channels and how do you use them?

9. Personal Branding: How to have job security for life

10. Personal branding and how to land the “perfect” job

11. Personal Branding: How to ace the job interview


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