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Great consultants understand that the artistry in their business – organizational transformation – is being able to weave a tapestry that intertwines their expertise with the client’s intimate knowledge of his/her organization. In other words, consultants help managers “think about what they think” and in so doing help leaders create clarity for themselves and their organization.

The under-girding philosophy in “Facilitative Consulting” is that:

1. The consulting process is you; so know who you are and be true to who you are.

2. There are twelve distinct but systemically over-lapping stages to the consulting process. The consultant’s imperative is to know which stage you are in and then how, in that moment, to proffer the precise and elegant response said stage requires of you.

“Facilitative Consulting” will show you how to be a superb consultant; to create value for clients even before your first meeting and at every step in the process.

If you are a consultant or thinking of being one then you need Facilitative Consulting in your library.

In “Facilitating Consulting”, you will also learn:

1. The four ever present elements to consulting

2. The four consulting assumptions

3. The three consultant goals

4. The three roles that a consultant can choose

5. The twelve stages to effective consultation

6. How to define the initial problem

7. How to decide to proceed with the project

8. How to decide who will be involved in the project

9. How to manage the client relationship

10. How to manage feedback and results

11. How to make recommendations

12. How to get action on your recommendations

13. How to become a trusted advisor

14. How to close the sale and write a superb contract

15. How to be authentic and deal with resistance in your client


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