The Jays, The Giants and The Lakers


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The under-girding thesis of “The Jays, the Giants and the Lakers” is that systems tend to cause their own behavior. A system is the method/way an organization uses to measure and reward employee performance and behavior to realize its’ primary goals, especially profit.

Complying with the system (the job or the assigned role employees use to define themselves) is how people survive in an organization. This “determinant” is truly what makes people do what they do. Have you ever noticed how “everybody”, no matter how hurried they might be, still stops at all the red lights. Why? The systemic cost, the punishment, the grief make it so. That’s why.

The most important management principle for any leader therefore is to create systems that inspire people to do “the right thing”.

We will explore how to lead “systemically”; to recognize, manage and then leverage the three business systems consistently but unwittingly used by modern-day organizations to effectively run their operations

I promise you, the fundamental concept, strategies and tactics in this book will make you a much more complete and powerful leader.

In “The Jays, the Giants and the Lakers”, you will also learn:

1. When, why, how and what to do when you need “Compliance from” your team

2. When, why, how and what to do when you need “Cooperation by” your team

3. When, why, how and what to do when you need “Competition among” your team

4. The two strategic questions that will clarify any conflictual or difficult situation

5. The twelve ways that the three sports model reflects organizational culture

6. When are people the most important issue, when is the process the important issue and when is the system the most important issue (the answer will surprise you)

7. What are the three business processes I need to know and when and how should I best use them?


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