Champions: Build High Performing Teams


Product Description

It has been thoroughly documented through countless research efforts during the past eighty years that small groups go through a series of predictable development stages during their group history or life cycle. These studies are remarkably consistent, regardless of the purpose for which the group was assembled, in their identification of four developmental stages.

“Champions” will show you how to lead your team “facilitatively” through these four stages to the high-productivity, “Celebration” stage. At this point your team will not just work “with” each other but “for” each other, such that whole becomes greater than the sum of its’ parts.

At the same time, we will explore the various ways to inoculate your team from the five insidious issues that bedevil so many modern-day business groups. Like a chain with just one link broken, teamwork deteriorates if even a single one of these maladies is left unattended. We will also paint a detailed portrait as to how members of truly cohesive teams behave with and to each other.

In a word, this book will teach you, what it has taken me 40 years to learn by the way, how to develop a great management team.

In “Champions”, you will also learn:

1. The four stages of team development and how to quickly move to the next stage

2. How to help your teams do exactly what they are supposed to do.

3. Accelerate through the dissatisfaction stage

4. Understand, define and optimize individual roles

5. Address challenges swiftly, smoothly and effectively

6. Reduce conflict and establish effective communication

7. How to become a superb group facilitator

8. How to build trust, accountability, cooperation and commitment into your team


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