The Exquisite & Rare Art of Group Facilitation


Product Description

Great leaders have great teams. And they have great teams because they know how to lead and effectively facilitate really good team meetings. If you are a manager, this singular skill will save you a world of hurt. Imagine knowing how to help your group exceed your every expectation.

The “The Exquisite and Ever so Rare Art of Group Facilitation” will show you how to consistently break the petty log-jams that bedevil so many teams, so that sharing, cooperating, and helping, authentically and honestly become your group norm.

In a word, this book will teach you, what it has taken me 40 years to learn by the way, how to help your group (meetings) exceed your expectations and to develop an extraordinary, high-level team.

In “The Exquisite and Ever so Rare Art of Group Facilitation” you will also learn:

1. What consensus is; when to use it and when not to use it

2. The artistic process of group facilitation; how the pros do it

3. The four assumptions that under-gird every high-performing executive team

4. The nine ground rules that make teams not only work with each other but for each other

5. The four decision making rules that every team needs

6. The extremely important difference between a committee and a team

7. How to become a superb group facilitator

8. The two kinds of team facilitation thinking and when and how to use them

9. Ten strategies to gain team consensus

10. The best way leverage and maximize your group’s thinking such that the whole truly is greater than the sum of its’ parts.


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