Fail To Plan Plan To Fail


Product Description

The great strategic challenge confronting modern-day organizations is to create a strategic plan that connects the daily activities of its’ individual employees to the larger results said company is seeking. It must also be easily communicated, understood and timely.

But above all it must inspire employees to feel that they are sharing in an enterprise that is transcendent to their individual endeavors; so overarchingly majestic that it is indeed more than worthy of their commitment. In that sense a company’s strategic plan is as much art as it is science.

“Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail” will teach you the science to and the artistry of organizational strategic planning with your executive team. Its’ primary promise is that you will be able to conduct a sophisticated and comprehensive strategic planning session (including the criteria cited above) in 60 minutes or less.

You will also learn:

  1. The four types strategic thinking your group needs to develop a successful planning session
  1. How to develop a practical picture of the future you desire
  1. How to uproot and deal with the underlying obstacles to your vision
  1. How to formulate a substantial action plan for the new directions you need to pursue
  1. And you will learn conduct a powerful panning session in 60 minutes or less
  1. The eight new principles to strategic planning
  1. The premise to a great planning session


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