How to Have a Great Marriage


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Almost everybody remembers the “moment” they fell in love. It was wonderful; surely it would last forever. But all too often, as the years drift slowly by, that magical feeling gives way to doubt, confusion and finally despair, anger and betrayal.

How is it that marriage, which is universally approached with such optimism, leads so frequently to conflict and disillusionment? Nearly 55% of all first marriages end in separation or divorce and subsequent remarriages are even more likely to end (60%).

For 20 years I worked in a private practice at a major hospital in Toronto with over 100 physicians who referred patients to me with very troubled marriages; 93% of these couples were able to restore their marriages, usually in 6 weeks or less.

The question of course is, how did they do that? An even better question is, how can you do that? “How to Have a Great Marriage” answers that question. It is the compilation of my 40 years as a marriage therapist and details how more than 93% of these couples were able to save their marriages.

By the way, this book is also a terrific read for those who already have a good marriage but would like to understand and actualize the four pillars upon which to build a great marriage.

In “How to Have a Great Marriage” you will discover and learn:

1. The four insights that science tells us will produce a deeply satisfying and stable marriage

2. How to develop a practical, life-long and enduring basis for a happy and fulfilling marriage.

3. How to get your spouse to like you better than you like you

4. How to break the blame-game forever

5. How to get your spouse to listen to you

6. How to recover the lost affection in your marriage

7. How to replace resentment and frustration with satisfaction and joy

8. How to turn “nagging and distancing” with “understanding and respect”

9. The one and only law to marital happiness


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