The Ten Laws for Coaching Excellence


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The manager, who doesn’t know how to be a good coach these days, is not long for this world.

In the past, most business-people worked for a specific company and were expected to remain in said organization for decades. That world is gone forever. Rather than offering job security, companies now move jobs to wherever work can be done more cheaply. Today, most employees, especially the talented ones, think “you will replace me at will so I need to be ready to do the same to you”.

Today, the manager who wants the most talented people beating a path to her door must know how to help employees establish a powerful personal brand. Do that and the word will hit the street that working with you means greater opportunities and an accelerated career trajectory.

The “Ten Laws for Coaching Excellence” will show you how to lead and manage but especially coach, at the highest possible level. It is the culmination of my personal 50 year quest to explore and fathom the intricacies and depths of organizational leadership. It is also based on thousands of hours of one-to-one coaching sessions as the CEO Coach with hundreds of executives, as well as several thousand corporate workshops, not to mention my doctoral research to help leaders shape their company’s relational culture and sustain the highest-level organizational performance possible.


In “Ten Laws for Coaching Excellence”, you will also learn:

1. The ten laws for coaching excellence that without exception, every coach must have in his/her repertoire

2. How to attract and keep the best people

3. How to structure the coaching session

4. The best way to get feedback from your staff

5. The six steps to becoming the employer of choice

6. How to coach your boss

7. The ideal four-step coaching process

8. How to hire a top performer

9. How to ask for a raise or negotiate a higher salary

10. Managing, coaching and leading: the difference



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