The Entrepreneur Within


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If you are an entrepreneur, a leader or a CEO “The entrepreneur Within” will in all likelihood be the finest book on how to start and develop a successful business (profitably solving someone else’s problem and then getting people to help you do it) that you will ever read.

We will explore and detail how to manage the four stages every entrepreneur faces:

1. The Doer Stage: The owner and the business are one and the same thing. You not only do the work you know how to do but the work you don’t know how to do as well.

2. The Delegator Stage: This is a place of quiet desperation. As its’ leader you must learn how to work “on” your business, not “in” your business.

3. The Dreamer Stage: The true product of the business is not what your company sells but how it sells it.

4. Personal Freedom: Sell your business, not your product.

In “The entrepreneur Within”, you will also learn:

1. The singular and best reason to develop your own business

2. The four stages to growing a successful, profitable, meaningful and enjoyable business

3. The three roles that every successful leader needs to be

4. How to move from one to the other easily and seamlessly

5. How to be the “who you are” that your business needs and still be the “other than you” that your business needs, at one and the same time?

6. The six fundamental steps to develop a seamless and powerful business process



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