Physician, Heal Thyself


Product Description

“Physician Heal Thyself” is a timely must-read for any company that has been confronted with a downsizing on any scale, large or small. It will show you how to help your employees master “downsizing malaise” and to develop a more mature, reciprocal and shared relationship with your company.

As you might suspect “survivor sickness” is complex and does not lend itself to a simple solution. The key is for managers to develop organizational systems that prevent the spread of this virus-like condition and must be a fundamental priority for organizational leaders.

Based on my 30 years experience helping CEOs to actualize group alignment and organizational transformation, “Physician Heal Thyself” will help you remedy the pathology of layoff survivor sickness faster, better and safer enabling you to get on with your more strategic initiatives.

In “Physician Heal Thyself” you will also learn:

1. The four processes needed to revitalize your organization:

2. How to manage the layoff process

3. How to facilitate the necessary grieving

4. How to build a new employment relationship

5. How to manage the six survivor needs and the recovery process

6. How to present bad news – lead from the heart; follow with the head


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