Phantom of the Operation


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I have called this book the “The Phantom of the Operation” because skulking about the halls of far too many otherwise successful organizations, is an imperceptible, shadowy apparition, a phantom if you will, wreaking havoc, sowing discord everywhere it goes.

The irony is that this “phantom” inflicts its’ devastation on organizations by simply making sure that good, hard-working, loyal employees are being the best at their job that they can possibly be. But in so doing, these very same employees, on a daily basis, unwittingly thwart the work of the departments and people around them.

This pervasive organizational dilemma happens of course, because employees are “stuck”, even imprisoned in silos that have been created by the very same leaders who bemoan the fact that “nothing ever seems to get done around here.” Since leaders are the ones who have created the silo system (people just “doing their job” without seeing the larger picture), they of course, are the only ones who can change it.

The point of this book is how to rid or expunge the silo “phantom” from your organization by developing collaborative, seamless unfragmented processes that make people “feel” that they are a part of something larger than themselves.

In “The Phantom of the Operation” you will learn:

1. The three steps to improve interdepartmental communication

2. How silos happen and the four strategies to get rid of them

3. How to resolve breakdowns between sales/marketing and operations

4. How to create seamless hand-off moments and collaborative processes

5. How to get everybody to own the communication problem until it is solved

6. How to motivate other departments to meet and to exceed your needs

7. Why are silos so powerful in organizations?


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