Get Unstuck, Stay Unstuck & Do What You Are


Product Description

Great leaders just don’t motivate people, they inspire them. Being motivated is a temporary state. Being inspired is a permanent state. Being motivated makes people think, “this will be good for me”; being inspired makes people think, “this will be good for us”. I call the leader who can make people feel that they are a part of something larger than themselves, the “Masterful Leader”.

Based on my 25 years of working with and advising CEOs “Get Unstuck, Stay Unstuck and do What you Are” will help you become the complete, powerful and “masterful” leader you want and need to be.

There are of course times when even the best and brightest leaders get “stuck”. In those conflictive and bedeviling moments, “Get Unstuck, Stay Unstuck and do What you Are” will show you how to use the exquisite and ever so rare art of facilitation. Facilitation is the art-form a leader uses to elevate the conversation, advance the relationship and create a transcendent resolution, one that has best of what she thinks, the best of what the other person thinks but an innovative and collaborative solution that is even better.

In “Get Unstuck, Stay Unstuck and do What you Are” you will also learn:

1. How to lead “systemically”; create systems that put everybody on the “same page”

2. How to become a superb communicator

3. How to turn a difficult conversation into a mutually beneficial agreement

4. The three key factors to getting unstuck and doing what you are

5. The three things that make people do what they do and what to do about it

6. The seven golden facilitative questions that will break the log jam with your most difficult employees

7. Why and how it is easier to change other people than it is to change your self

8. As a leader, what do you do when you don’t want to but need to

9. How to become a “Masterful leader”

10. The nineteen strategies for self mastery

11. How to change negative emotions into positive emotions

12. The one thing you can do to be a more confident leader


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