Facilitative Thinking


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What distinguishes great leaders from their followers is the uncanny ability to confront seemingly impossible situations and make them otherwise. They then inspire said legion to see the enormous future they could never have envisioned for themselves; except now, they do. Every leader needs this “gift”.

In “Facilitative Thinking” we will analyze the symbiotic patterns extraordinary leaders use to think “facilitatively, foresightfully and transcendentally”. We will then systematize the convergent and divergent thinking that marks all successful leaders and learn how to make that unique leadership ability, ours. Imagine having the ever so rare capacity to elegantly resolve those intransigent and vexing issues that bedevil so many modern-day organizations.

Most importantly, “Facilitative Thinking” will show you how to endow your team with this gift and to develop a facilitative thinking culture; one in which “everybody” as a matter of course, is inclined to see the larger picture and respond creatively and facilitatively to otherwise dissonant or discordant organizational issues.

If you aspire to be a first rate thinker and thus a good leader, you will find this book to be a timely read.

In “Facilitative Thinking”, you will also learn:

1. The six building blocks to a superior creative yet analytical thinking process

2. Luck, what is it, how do you get it and nine ways to improve your luck

3. The four determinants for successful life and business.

4. Two dichotomous business strategies, which one is the best and why

5. How great leaders deal with stress, risk and uncertainty

6. Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty and others do not

7. When faced with a dilemma, how to simultaneously choose neither and both opposing solutions and in so doing create an “facilitative” resolution



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