Customerizing Your Service Process


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One of the more pervasive maladies afflicting modern-day service organizations is the woeful lack of cooperation from one department to another. In other words, their service process is about everyone but the customer. In “Customerizing the Service Process” a business/service process is defined as a series of interrelated tasks around which people coordinate themselves (teamwork that is both organized and together) to exceed customer expectations. The key words of course, are “customer”, “organized” and “together”.

In effect, as it relates to customer service, a company is either function-driven or process-driven. In function-driven organizations structure is hierarchical and vertical and its’ service is therefore fragmented and disjointed. In process-driven organizations, the outcome “customer loyalty” drives a seamless, collaborative, shared team process. Not a silo in sight.

In “Customerizing your Service Process” we will diagnose the seven systemic maladies that negate great service in so many organizations. We will then prescribe what I have found to be the specific cure for each of those organizational issues. If you want to “loyalize” your customers and make them your biggest fans for life, then you will indeed find “Customerizing your Service Process” to be a timely read.

In “Customerizing your Service Process”, you will also learn:

1. How to help your company thrive in the face of the pervasively ferocious competition that exists in the current business environment

2. The three primary determinants to service performance and what to do about them

3. The seven maladies that afflict customer service and what to do about them

4. How to create seamless service process that will make your entire organization function as one

5. The six steps to developing a service process that will loyalize your customers

6. The three steps to creating superior communication at every level in your company


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