Aligning Business With IT & IT With Business


Product Description

One of the most critical and vexatious issues facing contemporary business is the chasm, that in far too many companies, separates the IT and business departments. This book outlines the process you can use to help your company bridge that chasm.

The focus of Aligning Business with IT and IT with Business is how IT, by developing a specialized business relationship manager role, can reach out to business such that IT eventually gets a “seat at the table” and becomes a trusted advisor to the business divisions in your company. Imagine business seeking out IT to collaborate with and involve IT in their strategy, from the get-go.

This book will show you the tools, process, and strategies you need to break that logjam. If the IT and business departments in your company are not exactly on the same page, then Aligning Business with IT and IT with Business might well be a timely read for you and your team.

In Aligning Business with IT and IT with Business, you will also learn:

1. The four strategies to establish a much more connective relationship between Business and IT

2. The three change factors and how to master them

3. The four IT/Business relationship models

4. What does a Business Relationship Manager do and how should they do it in your company?

5. The four necessary competencies of any BRM

6. The strategy to make the BRM role happen in your company

7. How IT can build and sustain trust and greater productivity with the business divisions in your company


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